Welcome to the BramsTec Computing Division

BramsTec sells, installs, and configures software and hardware for your specific Information Technology (IT) or engineering requirements. 

If you have a business problem, we can provide an IT solution.  Sometimes problems can be solved without involving IT such as in cases where the issue is really one of a business process nature.  If this is the case, we can direct you to our consulting group which specializes in guiding you through business process transformation and improvement to solve business issues. 

BramsTec also builds custom enterprise applications.  If you have a need for software which is not available as a Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) product, we can build a custom solution for your specific needs.

Our featured products

For further products and services information, please contact us at:

BramsTec Computing & Consulting
961-48084 Bedford Hwy.
Bedford, NS Canada
B4A 3Z2

Ph. (902) 835-9354
Web: www.bramstec.com

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